Rutland's United Neighborhoods Community Justice Center
Upcoming Meetings/Events
Northwest Neighborhood Swere Seperstion Project Update meeting
6pm Rutland Middle School Cafeteria- Representatives from the Rutland Department of Public Works and Otter Creek Engineering will present preliminary plans for the extension of the Library Avenue storm sewer project from Pine ST, across Grove ST, and eastward several blocks along Library and Kendall Avenues. In addition, Representatives from Kingsbury Construction will attend, and with the engineers, explain plans for construction of new storm sewers on Park Ave starting April 1st. Sidewalk and Curb work plans for Library as well as paving on Crescent and Library will be discussed., 03/17/15
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Rutland’s United Neighborhoods is a coalition of neighbors and agencies committed to providing and promoting active cooperation, mutual respect, and a shared responsibility for a safe and healthy community.

RUN is a city-wide initiative to proudly claim ownership and responsibility for our neighborhoods and the city at large. RUN is grassroots network of citizens
committed to reducing crime, reducing
drug use and building community.

RUN is a non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors comprised of a network of neighborhood
coalitions and a support team of city government agencies. Together we develop the capacity to respond
creatively to any and all concerns, problems and crises that occur.

RUN Forum